Monday, January 12, 2009

Do Monday have more hours?

It was a long day today, I did a whack of phone screens which I always find a bit exhausting and not fun on the body with a phone on my shoulder for the most part of the day.

I did have my ergonomic evaluation and she recommended I get a head set, wonder how long that will take.

Two of my hiring managers with the highest number of open positions have decided they need to interview now. Oh boy I'm going to have a busy couple of weeks.

I felt a bit off today and this afternoon felt a little quesy so I decided to come home after work. Which wound up being a good idea because my two backpack situation wouldn't have fit in the locker. So note to self days I have to lug the work computer not ideal gym days. On Thursday I'll leave a little earlier so I can drop my computer off at my normal work location and then hit the gym. I must check into my after hours access to my floor maybe I can pick up the computer after workouts next time.

It will be an early night tonight as I have to be out the door by 5:30am tomorrow.

I tried to watch some of the Golden Globes yesterday but I got bored. I haven't seen half of the movies and found it a bit of a gong show. I think the celebs like this awards show the best as they all seemed to be chatting together while people tried to present the awards.

I am looking forward to the next In Style as it will have all the fabulous dresses.

Perhaps I will have more exciting adventures to entertain you with tomorrow.


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