Sunday, January 11, 2009

And the soreness continues

Of course the 2nd day is always worse, it's hysterically funny when I attempt to get up from sitting on the couch. Good thing I live alone.

I did a bit of cleaning yesterday and planned my grocery list. Actual grocery shopping will happen today. However I'm quite pleased that I actually have a list. Probably for the past month I've had very very rudemental grocery lists with things like: milk, bread.
No real meal plan on said list.

Today I have a plan. I'm going to make veggie samosas in wonton wrappers (baked) and turkey meat loaf. Combined with veggies I have two work lunch/dinner options. Baby steps my friends.

Last night I had a treat night and had Panago's Veggie Pepperoni pizza it was - eh. I like my pepperoni crispier and this pizza was not quite what I was expecting. I also ordered their garden salad - I love this. I used 9 Flex Pts. So today is a low point day.

I guess I've started a Wendy Plan week.

This week I have to spend 3 days at the southeast location so that will complicate my life a bit (transit adventures) with yoga on Tuesday night and Trainer on Thursday night so I have to pay very close attention to travel times, sleep and food. There's nothing like a plan falling apart to encourage snacking.

Based on my conversation with my trainer on Friday it looks like the plan for me is 3 days doing weight resistance type of exercises (free weights) and the one day completely dedicated to cardio. Add in my weekly yoga session and I've got 5 workouts a week. Yes - Planning will be key here.

I think Mother Nature beat the treadmill. I walked to the grocery store navigating various levels of snow (icy, slurpee, hard) and then I walked home lugging 30lbs of groceries with intense chinook winds blowing right at me while navigating snow. I think that will suffice as my 30min Cardio homework for today.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Kiki said...

Stopping by to say Hi to a fellow Team Angie member.

Sounds like this week will take some serious planning which you're doing. STICK WITH IT!

Have a great week!

Fatinah said...

I have such bad spring fever now that the Chinook has rolled in!

The Glitterati said...

Whoo for the Grocery Workout! Schlepping that stuff against the wind has to get the heart rate up, and keeping balance amidst all that ice and slush... what a core workout! :)

Good luck with your hectic week, it looks like you've got a nice game plan to handle it. Hope it goes easier than you think!