Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Yoga obsessed

Last night I did Sun/Moon and Firebird episodes. Firebird moved a whole lot faster than the previous episodes but I actually got the Hero-Cat-Upward Facing Dog - Downward Facing Dog - Swan - Firebird down. I'm starting to learn the poses so I just have to listen as opposed to staring at the tv in a contorted position. I'm actually looking forward to doing Firebird tonight and the first episode on the 2nd DVD. I ordered two books on Hatha yoga to get more information. I could feel all my muscles this morning, I wasn't super sore just aware of them. One of the books explains how each pose effects the muscles and what it's working. I'm really looking forward to improving my flexibility and core strength.

I also did a speedy 6K walk last night, but it's not walking sore I feel today. Tonight will just be yoga and then walking/yoga tomorrow. I seriously need to wash dishes plus hem a pair of pants and I might pop into Walmart on the way home to pick up some self tan. I'm feeling a little ghostly pale at the moment. Which means a bit of walk as I'll walk home from there.

Food did go a bit overboard yesterday but the activity sure helped as I stayed the same weight wise this morning.

Looking forward to ANTM tonight, it looks like Renee is ganging up on Natasha. I want Renee to get the boot so bad.

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