Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday, friday, friday

I have continued with the yoga, attempting the "dancing moon" yesterday. It's weird how you notice that you're getting better at some poses while still completely useless in other poses. I realize I need to work up to it so I'm embracing the challenge. I found awesome workout clothes at Walmart. For just under $11 I got super comfy capri workout pants. They're really light/moisture wicking fabric and stay put during downward dog. I need to get more as they'll be great for summer walks too.
Since I started this yoga stuff I have noticed that I sleep better.

Went for a 5k walk last night and did a very relaxed version of fartleks (quick burst of speed in small intervals). I didn't speed up my walk instead I did little jaunts of running from light post to light post sort of thing. I did it 4 times in the course of the walk. I find it easier to run than to super speed walk, something to do with the hips. I don't think I'll ever nor want to be a full scale runner but I might get into the walk/run thing.

I was up on the scale this morning which means water rentention is in full gear so today I will be attached to a water bottle all day.

The major road near my house is being torn up for some reason so buses and traffic in general are being re-routed for the next few days. This complicates getting around a bit for the next few days. Transit is supposed to decide today on the latest agreement. They were in negotiations with a mediator for a really long time yesterday. I'm really really hoping a strike can be avoided.

I'm totally addicted to my nintendo ds lite, I got a new game yesterday that involves running a bakery and baking cakes for people. How perfect I get to create great cakes and not be tempted to eat them :) . It's hysterical. I got younger on the Brain Age game, it's really neat how it actually does improve your brain power. It goes for muscles and the brain - if you don't use it - you lose it.
I hope everyone has a super fabulous weekend!


Sonya said...

Never would have thought that Walmart would have good workout clothes! That's great!

And is it wrong for me to giggle like a 12-year old girl at the word "fartlek"? Sorry.:-)

You are rocking the yoga thing! Woo hoo!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

It's completely normal to giggle at the word "fartlek", when I first saw that word I asked my friend what the hell is that.

Who knew about Walmart, but yeah to paying $11.

Thanks for the shout out about the yoga, I think you're doing great yourself :)