Friday, May 04, 2007

May the 4th be with you

Saw that line on a post this morning and it made me laugh, also this morning my colleague informed me there were new star wars magnets on the Lego site. The force is with me.

Last night went for dinner with H, wound up buying small stuffed Sesame Street characters (Ernie, Bert, Oscar, Cookie Monster and Grover - old school) that were on sale at a card store, they'll be coming to work and sit on my desk. I'm turning my office into a playschool, far side calendar pages on the wall, Darth Tater, Magic 8 ball and then the Sesame Street Gang. Really I'm creating a happy place.

Also went to the Body Shop and stocked up on a few things.

Today at lunch we have team building...sigh...I'm not fond of most forms of team building. I think the best thing to do is get together and do something non competitive outside of the office. They're feeding us and I think it's sandwiches. I brought an apple and yogurt with me so I'll only have a sandwich (I'll pick the healthiest option).

Transit has voted to strike, so I need to plan a trip to MEC to get prepared to commute by bike. Who knows, maybe I'll like it. Plus transit may strike a deal with the city and there might not be a strike. We must wait and see.

Not sure how WI will go, with my crazy schedule this week. I was up a bit this morning but that was to be expected with dinner out yesterday. I'll definitely be focusing on water today. Tonight's activity will be cleaning my house for Dad's visit tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Purl_Princess said...

Transit voted to strike? Where are you? You're in Calgary right?

Sonya said...

Hope you had a good weekend! What did you buy from The Body Shop? Sigh - I spend soooo much $ at that place!