Monday, May 07, 2007

The sun is shining!

The recap:

Friday- Saw Spiderman 3, didn't wind up having supper until 10pm so it was a bowl of Shreddies. The movie was not so good and I was disappointed, way too long and since when is Spiderman a musical..I won't go into more detail as not to spoil it for those who want to see it. I did love the black suit.

Saturday-My papa came in for a quick visit. I was up a pound at WI, not surprised since I did go out for dinner 3 times last week which also impacted workout time.

Sunday-Mowed the jungle lawn and it only took 3 tries to wake up the lawnmower. In the end I I did about 1.5 hrs of yard work. Took the bike for a brief spin around the backyard to see if I remembered how to ride. I've never had a mountain bike before and your body position is totally different from the ancient 10 speed. At first I thought my knees were coming too high after observing others I realize that's no the case. Then I hung out with my friend A and toured her new neighbourhood.

Used all of my flexpoints on the weekend which is fine. I have a good day planned and the activity tonight will be yoga. I need to hit Sears tonight to see if they have trim paint. I couldn't find suitable paint at Walmart, I did pick up two games for my nintendo (Tetris and Cooking Mama) and I got the Spiderman mr. potato head (Spuderman). He has now joined Darth Tater on top of my desk hutch along with the Sesame Street characters. Everyone's reaction thus far has been to smile so I think my mission is a success.

I want to see a two pound loss at the end of this week and this also the week of snack a palooza. What this means for me is get activity in everyday and make it fun so I'll actually do it. I must also surround myself with healthy snacks and plan my meals. The other very important factor will be water, since this is the week of water retention, I must be diligent. To keep me on track I'm going to post my menus.

The Menu for Monday:
Oatbran - 1
1tbsp Brown Sugar - 1
Milk - 2
A few strawberries - 0
Spaghetti Squash with Ragu and a bit of light cream cheese - 4
Yogurt - 1
FF and Sugar Free Vanilla Latte - 3

13/23 so 10pts left for supper

For supper I'm thinking about a flat out pizza with some sundried tomatoe chicken that I picked up at superstore. I also bought the tandoori one.

Season Finale of Project Catwalk is on Life channel tonight...looking forward to it.

Have a super Monday everybody!

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Purl_Princess said...

Did you watch project cat walk? Although I hated those blouses of Monica's, I couldn't believe Wayne won!