Wednesday, May 16, 2007

3-3 days till WI whahahahahahahah

Do you ever do this? A countdown in your head until your WI date, like I have 3 days to be perfect before I have to step on the scale. I had those thoughts in my head as I was tempted by the call of the patio.

Got a call from H in the afternoon, she was craving beef and a patio. After being at yoga retreat that was vegetarian only, I could understand the call of a burger. To top it off it was gorgeous yesterday so a patio was in order. She even said "I don't want to lead you astray", I knew what I was doing, so I thought. Plus it was great to see her and hear all about the retreat and the Vancouver Half.

Had to run an errand with A first and then thought "Duh" she should come too. So we headed down to the Hyatt and got a patio table at Sandstone's. The table next to us was having nachos so I ordered them. The first order got burned, the second order came out and we had been waiting for about 50min. By the end of the night there were nachos, half a burger and a few fries, a beer and a trio of custard dessert. The one good thing about shwanky places is that the desserts are tiny.

Alas by the time I got home I felt ill from my overabundance of eating. I actually said to H, in my best Count from Sesame Street voice - 3! 3 days until WI, whahahahahahaha!.

Of couse when I stepped on the scale this morning I was not happy, it's all self inflicted no one to blame but me. Today I have 20pt day planned to mitigate the damage and I'm going straight home after work to mow the lawn and do yoga. Thursday will be a repeat but walking instead of mowing. Friday is dinner out again but I'll be careful as WI is the next day. If dinner doesn't go to late, I may head out for a walk or squeeze in a last chance workout.

Summer is such an enigma. Great because you can get great fruits and veggies and head outside for workouts. The evil side is the call of the patio, barbeques and ice cream.

Have a great day everybody!


katieo said...


I actually had to put my scale up on a shelf, work my but off this week and just hope my extra vigilance will pay for the crap I ingested over the weekend.

Love the!

CaRoLyN said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean!! I ALWAYS have a mental countdown going for WI. I find that I am always more lenient too on the day fter my WI because I think
"I have 6 more days before my next weigh in...PLENTY of time to work off this double chocolate peanut butter cups Blizzard from DQ"
Great job getting in some workouts...which yoga video do you use? I really want to give it a try!