Thursday, May 17, 2007

Whoo hoo - I did it

I stayed on plan yesterday, the whole day no exceptions. I'm so proud of myself, seriously. I've been close but no cigar for some time, so yesterday proved to me it can be done.

If your looking for an awesome yoga dvd, with an inpirational instructor and drop dead gorgeous scenery check out the Namaste Yoga series by Kate Potter (you can buy it here too). H just came back from a retreat where Kate taught and she is mega inspired and speaks very highly of her. I just know her as the voice on the dvd, but I'm seriously looking forward to seeing her in Edmonton at the end of May. I have the 3 DVD set which has 13 episodes (I think). They're 30min each so I combine two at a time for a longer workout.

I was craving pizza when I got home yesterday. So I made a flat out pizza with just spaghetti sauce and a little bbq sauce, and a smattering of part skim mozzarella. It was awesome!

My activity last night was mowing the lawn that was rapidly becoming jungle status. I head outside and notice dandelions on the front lawn, well I had to pull those out first, then I haul out the mower and mow the front lawn. Hmm, the lawn is pretty dry and it may or may not rain this weekend. So, I haul out the sprinkler. I use a soaker/long sprinkler that lays on the ground and it's 50m long. I don't like sprinklers that just toss water in the air. That's a bit of a production of unrolling it and making sure it's not twisted. Then I go to the backyard and realize I should mow that too, my back lawn is pretty big. Then of course I need to mow the bit of lawn that's outside the back fence. So a little over an hour later I was done. I didn't do yoga last night, I figured the sprinkler olympics was a form of yoga :)

I'm disappointed with ANTM last night. I think Jaslene is nice but I wouldn't have picked her. Evertime I see her I think of Janice Dickison. I don't know if I would have picked Natasha either. I wasn't a huge fan of Renee at the beginning but I think she posed really well. How sad that at 20 years old (the youngest of the three) she seemed "too old". This why sunscreen is important people.

I also came to the realization I need to start the self tan. I bought a St. Ives gradually self tanner based on recommendations I found on Beauty Addict - she does awesome reviews of products. I got the Firm and Glow one though. Based on today's entry I really want to try L'Oreal Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer. I've been thinking about mystic tan, but not ready to take the leap just yet.

I think that's all the musings in my head for today.

Have a super Thursday everybody!


Sonya said...

Firstly, congrats on staying OP yesterday!!!! Way to go!

I was also disappointed with Jaslene winning. Renee was by far the strongest, and what was up with the "sudden" concern that she was "too mature"? She had the best Cover Girl look, that's for sure. She was awesome.

Sonya said...

Oh - and I would love to e-mail with you!!!

Here's my address:

katieo said...

I've had one too many self-tanning faux pas to want to go near the stuff these days. BUT, if you find something that works, let me know!
Good job staying on track yesterday :)