Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wayne won?

I had a futile search of Sears on my quest to find trim paint. I need an oil based paint and Walmart just had latex which apparently wears off in a few years. Alas no luck, I'll have to foray elsewhere or just use exterior latex.

Did two episodes of Namaste yoga (I have the DVD). I did Ep.1 Exalted Warrior and Ep. 2 Sun Moon. My plan is to do two episodes a night, works out to be about 50min. I'm going to the instructor's (Kate Potter) seminar in Edmonton at the end of the month. It will be 3 days of yoga so I'm sort of trying to study. My two episode plan will go like this Mon: Ep 1 and 2, Tue: Ep 2 and 3, Wed: Ep 3 and 4....This way I repeat each workout so I get more familiar with it. I really enjoy this program and I find Kate's directions easy to follow and very soothing at the same time. According to my calculations I can complete all 3 dvds in two weeks. Of course the further you go along the more difficult it gets so I won't necessarily make it through all the dvds but I won't skip a workout I'll just backtrack until I get comfortable to move on.

Project Catwalk finale yesterday. I can't believe Wayne won. I thought Monica would win it, even though the blouses were hideous. I might google him later to see what happened after the show as we're a few months behind I think.

Purl Princess- I tried to comment on your site but I think I'm doing something wrong.

Today is a known in advance bad food day at work and I've planned accordingly. I have 16pts left for the day and a stand by of 2pt soup for supper. I'm also planning a good walk tonight and 50min of yoga. Gilmour Girls is on tonight but I think I'll tape and therefore get my workout in.

I did have a yummy flat out pizza last night for supper. I put the flat out in the oven for 5 min and then took it out and put a bit of ragu, tandoori chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions and a bit of part skim mozzarella. It was fantastic, almost like a cracker crust.

Have a groovy day everybody!


Purl_Princess said...

No your comment worked - what was going wrong?

CaRoLyN said...

Mmm the pizza sounds YUMMY. I am going to have to give that one a try!
Glad to hear you are liking the yoga, I need to work up the courage to give it a try. I hear it is great for toning which is what I need.
Keep it up girlie!