Monday, May 21, 2007

I've been tagged

Wow, Katie O listed me as one of her favourite blogs. Katie O - you just totally made my day :)

My challenge is to list 5 of mine.
This is hard, there are so many of you that inspire me and make me laugh.

Alright here it goes, not ranked in order.

1. Sonya at Goodbye, Belly...- Bravely blogging about being a new mom and focusing on being healthy
2.Katie-O at Sister Skinny -Super funny lady, totally enjoy the ranting on yoga poses and cake
3.The Glitterati at Brain Spam - Brilliant and funny friend, her writing just rocks and gives awesome reviews on beauty related products - I am a produck junkie.
4. Duenneschen at Durch Dick und Dunn (Through thick and thin) - I was so happy to find her as I'm also German, and the old country is all about food. She's an inspiration.
5. Snackiepoo at Snackie's Pudge Free World - Awesome writer plus funny and probably everyone knows about this one but make sure you check out Snackie TV - another great blog of hers about my other favourite thing in life - TV

The 5 above represent just a few of the 67 feeds I have on bloglines (and continuously adding as I find more inpsiring and funny people).

Hope everyone had a safe long weekend and here's to a short work week :)


Sonya said...

Awwwww, thank you so very much. YOU just made my day!:-) I heart your blog - it never ceases to inspire me.

katieo said...

Cowgirl! Thanks for the double tag! As soon as I saw "the count" on your website I knew I'd be a big fan!

Thanks also for playing! It's fun to see your links.