Monday, May 14, 2007

Starting Over - Again

I was up 0.4 on Saturday and I know it was due to TOM but that doesn't explain that I'm back at 175 and have not made a whole lot of progress over the last few months. I had more activity points last week than I've had in a long time and it just frustrates me that my results didn't show thanks to water retention.

It seems like I've been in neutral, knowing what I should be doing but not exactly following through. Losing and gaining the same 4lbs over and over again. The .4 gain probably means there was a loss but still I didn't really take any comfort from that. So I bought a new tracker with one week remaining on the old one. I ripped out the sheet in my notebook where I track my weekly progress and started a new sheet. I'm starting with a clean slate.

I did yoga for 5 days in a row, I took Saturday off and resumed on Sunday and almost got the Dancing moon pose down. I'm trying that workout again tonight in hopes third time is the charm, I'm also heading out for a walk tonight to resume my training schedule.

It's like I got tired of following the plan, I know myself enough that I need to shake that off and renew focus or it will just get worse.

So I'm back to stickers on the calendar for every workout with a goal of having at least one sticker every day for walk, yoga or strength. This morning I tossed every snack that I had living in my desk. The only snacks that come to work will be the ones that are planned in my tracker.

I'm coming off of a good week so I'm proud of that. I just need to keep going. I know I'll see a loss this Saturday if I stay focused.

Had a great weekend not necessarily food wise but thank goodness for flexpoints. Saw my friend S on Saturday and met her incredibly adorable son. This boy will break hearts one day for sure.

Helped my friend A unload the first batch of her stuff that's moving from far North. We went to a fantastic place here in Calgary called the Ship and Anchor for supper. It's a staple of this city and has the most amazing hamburger called the Ship Burger. The only problem so far is she and I tend to go to not so WW friendly restaurants. Now that she's here we can come up with a better game plan, it helps that she's following WW too. The Ship Burger is totally worth the points though.

Monday's Menu:
Oatbran: 1
Brown Sugar 1tbsp: 1
Subtotal: 5/23

Starbucks Grande NF Cafe Mocha: 4
Subtotal: 9/23

Silhouette Yogurt:1
Chunky soup with added veg:3
Pear: 1
Subtotal: 14/23

Points remaining: 9

At this point I'm thinking of a Garden burger for supper, but not sure.

Have a super fantastic day everybody!


The Glitterati said...

You can do it, CW! I know you can. It's summer now, so lots of opportunities to be walking out and about, nice crisp salads will be everywhere, etc.

The post you did on fartleks (hee!) was so inspiring... I just started doing them myself (b/c I have the cardiac capacity of an ant on a respirator), and it's so cool that we're on the same page! Great minds!

Oh, also, I wanted to mention that I LOVE the new Kelloggs' Honey & Nut All Bran bars. Those ads are true, they really DO taste good! They taste kind of like a graham cracker, but much more filling and with 4g of fiber and only 130 cal. I keep stealing The Boy's to eat after walks, or at work, or... well, all the time, actually.

Sonya said...

Hey there - we can do this. I feel like I'm "starting over" in a way too...and we tend to forget how far we've come.

Here's to much success, and a great big shopping trip in Toronto! Maybe we can do it in the Fall...

You rock!