Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday pretending to be Monday

I'm not really fond of Monday holidays, I prefer Friday holidays. Don't get me wrong, a day off is a wonderful thing. I consider Monday to be dress rehearsal day, this is the day you get sorted for the week. When Monday becomes Tuesday I find I'm running behind.

Alas so far so good for a Monday, have a meeting I totally forgot about but that's no biggie. I have catching up to do, I've felt this way for two weeks now but today is the day! I have a super short week as I have Friday off. I'm heading out to a yoga retreat and I'm starting to feel a little stressed about that. Stressed in the first day of school sort of way. I've never done yoga with anybody, it's always been me and the tv. It will be good, I know that but I will still cram in some yoga to "practice".

A while back I bought an Ipod Shuffle (H if you're reading this, I had a good reason), I wanted to download the couch to 5K program and couldn't do it with my other MP3 player. I needed something in my ear saying run now, walk now as opposed to trying to remember a guideline that was on paper.

I just use the shuffle on walks as I like how I can clip it on. The bad part is I can't see what's playing, I wasn't sure if the pod cast had actually downloaded. On Thursday I did find the C25K but that day I really wanted to focus on a longer distance walk. I want to refind it so I can do it starting this week. I have 6 weeks until the Alberta Jeep Half Marathon and thus far my training has been erratic. I still had a strong base from Honolulu so I'm not worried about it but I need to get serious. I think including some learning to run will also serve as nice variety in training. It sometimes helps to run a bit during these races just to ease your hips.

I so need clothes it's not funny. I'm not crazy about clothes shopping for myself, love to do it with other people and be Stacey/Clinton for them. I used to like Old Navy but now find their quality has totally declined. Went to H&M on the weekend, can't say I was impressed but that's due more to it being totally picked over as it opened on the 10th.

Was super excited to see Sephora is going into Market Mall as well as Chinook Centre, so not good for my bank account but exciting anyways.

Hope everyone has a super Tuesday!


Living to Feel Good said...

C25K is a great program to get you ready. I used it for my 10K a while back, and I remember at the time thinking there was no way I could run for 30 mins straight, but guess what I did...and I did it for 60 mins instead of 30. Just stick with it and you will be ready for your half marathon!! :)

VegasGirl said...

*gasp* you can d/l the C25K on the MP3 player? I'm going to have to go check that out because I just couldn't get into the program. I was always trying to think, how long was I supposed to run for? Has it been 30 seconds? Has it been 3 minutes?!?! I'm so glad that you mentioned this!!!

Good luck and have fun on your yoga retreat =D