Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Today is my Thursday and I'm quite happy about that, but I realized yesterday I have loads of stuff to do before heading up to Edmonton.

I reclaimed all my stuff from my colleagues office as she returns tomorrow and I can hand her work back to her...yippee. She was using my foot stool as a laptop holder (don't ask), well I needed it back because after our ergonomics meeting yesterday it turns out I need it to have my thighs at a 90 degree angle therefore need a foot stool. I also need to lower my monitor and remember to sit back in my chair. I also took back my fan that she's had for 2 months, while she searches for another one. Enough with that, I will be a nice Canadian girl and look for one tonight at Walmart. I have to go there anyway.

I need to bake cookies tonight for a friday Birthday in my office, since I won't be here I have to do it tonight. I will cheat and use a pillsbury cookie dough or something but jazz it up. Like make cookie sandwiches with marshmellow filling or dip in chocolate. The bonus here is that I won't get to eat any and I'm cool with that.

I also want to zip over to a yoga shop called Om probably on Thursday. I want to check out their mats and see if they have mat spray. My mat is from Walmart and is pretty good but I wonder if there's something slightly more cushioning so I can use it for pilates too.

I also need to clean my house and make my pack list. I'm useless without a pack list, I always forget something and then wind up buying a duplicate.

Saturday weigh in will be a miracle of logistics as H and I have to weigh in and then zip off to yoga that starts at 9am. My plan is juice box and granola bar in the car on the way, as I never eat before weigh in.

Last night I took my poor friend A on a search for OPA souvlaki, I just googled them and saw an address near by...I found their head office. We went to Edo instead and I got the sukiyaki beef with less rice and more veg. I love the totally irritated look they give you when you ask for that.

Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm a pound down from yesterday...YES! That's the encouragement I need to finish off the week with good behaviour.

Did yoga last night and now that I'm on the 3rd Dvd the poses are getting harder. Warrior 3 and I don't get along at this point.

Lovely day of forecasted rain and potential snow (Yes, It's May).

I hope everyone has a groovy, healthy day!


The Glitterati said...

Congrats on the loss! I hope the yoga thing will be fun ... if I recall correctly, the first day of school is always kind of fun and exciting, after the nervousness wears off. (Or am I just a giant nerd?)

That's awesome that you are doing C25K, I've been following it too! I also use those podcasts... great minds really must think alike! :) Those casts are awesome, although I do miss listening to my own songs. I think once I get up into the higher weeks and the intervals are longer, I might switch back to my own playlist. For now though, they're really very handy, and I like how he says things like "You're doing great! Just one more minute to go!" etc.

Geneviève said...

I love your blog! I just started my own and I am browsing the blog world. I can't quite remember how I got here but I'm glad I am!

And i'm adding you to the Blogs I love.

Keep up the good work!

Sonya said...

Yay for the pound, Cowgirl! I hope you had a lovely (and snow-free!) weekend.