Thursday, May 03, 2007

Totally Random Musings

On the bus today a girl sat beside me who had her ipod so loud that I could hear her music and not mine. So I took mine off and listened to hers, it was loud from where I was sitting. She was probably in her mid twenties, and will be deaf by thirty. I'm always super conscious of how loud my mp3 is, I choose to listen to it not the people around me. I did enjoy her playlist though, it was a bit of Pussycat Dolls and Ozzy.

It's been a crazy week food wise, as I went out to dinner 3 times. Two times were at Boston Pizza (I rarely go there). Wednesday night I ordered some sort of Smokey mtn pasta. It was huge! Ate a little less than 1/2 of it, this was dinner at 9:30pm so 9hrs between meals. I brought the leftovers, divided in two for lunch today and tomorrow. Tonight it's probably Milestone's but I love the Vegetarian Thai Noodle Salad so the damage isn't too bad. Activity was good at the start of the week. Wednesday got derailed because I was out looking at condos with my friend until 9:30pm, it was fun and I think my friend has fallen in love with a place. This condo looks like your walking up to the Banff Springs Hotel, it's surrounded by trees and like a 10min drive from the core.

It's majorly raining right now and the sky is darkish which makes me want to nap...or snack. Instead I'll drink water.

My toaster oven (above) arrived from Air Miles and it's pretty. Far more complicated than any other toaster oven I've ever dealt with. I'll love this especially in summer when you don't want to fire up the big oven.

Bought a nintendo ds lite because I wanted the Brain Age game. I scored an age 47 for my brain so 12 years older than my current age. I think it's getting complacent. Even during my course I felt renewed mental energy of doing something different than just the day in and day out of my job. I used to read a lot but sort of fell out of that pattern with what seems like not enough time. Well with the new Harry Potter coming out soon I'll soon be back in the habit :) This brain age thing is quite fun too, it actually keeps a graph of your progress. My mission to have a brain age of 20.

20% off of everything today at The Body Shop if you have a club card.

H is off to Vancouver for the half marathon - You Go Girl! I'll miss ya while your gone.


duenneschen said...

ooohhh...i've always wanted one!

do you use it a lot?

Cowgirl Warrior said...

When I had a toaster oven, you bet. Anything single serving that went in to the oven, fries, mini homemade pizzas, toast or even to reheat something.