Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dumb, dumb, dumb

I got home yesterday and headed out for a 6k walk, had a good pace and focused on moving as opposed to constantly looking at my Garmin to see how fast I'm going. I had a really good pace time when finished.
Then I had a ham bacon/tomatoe sandwich for supper, then a bit later I did the Dancing Moon and Earth yoga workout, which went really well.

I then settled in to watch the bachelor and decided to make the low fat brownie mix I had for afternoon snacks for work. Bad idea, brownies came out of the oven and of course I needed to try it. Well 6pts later I realized what I was doing. Alas I went over in points....again. When I come up with these baking plans I need to do it on the weekend where I immediately cut into portions and into the freezer. Last night, was late night snacking attack.

Yesterday was yesterday and today is a new day. Hey, I did earn 6 aps yesterday, tonight I'll earn a few as well mowing the lawn and yoga once again.

And the brownies - I purposely left them to dry up and be completely unedible.

Thanks so much to Glitterati and Sonya for their encouraging words yesterday - you guys rock!

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Sonya said...

Not all is lost b/c of the brownies - you did a 6K walk and yoga - that's awesome! Just keep forging ahead.

I had two rows of dark chocolate that I didn't need to eat today, and started to feel like my whole day was a waste.

I came here for inspiration, and found some. Thank you!