Thursday, September 07, 2006

Enough with Blah on to a new attitude

I'm done feeling sorry for myself and my lack of motivation.
Yesterday when I got home, I immediately changed into my walking clothes and headed out for a minimum of 50min according to my training schedule. It was actually 53min and 5.6km a little slow for me. Made a great salad for supper afterwards. Did have a pudding snack later on but not bad damage done.
I think I did something to my right hamstring muscle when painting the fence because it's not happy. Better today but still sore.
Tonight I will go home change into workout clothes and do some yoga and dust off my turbo jam dvd.
Major victory of the day...I brought my lunch but the same thing I've brought for last two days. Went with my coworker when she went to buy hers but I came back to the office and had what I originally brought...whoo hoo. Saved money and points.

This weekend I think I'm going to try making a couple of casserole type things and then divide into individual servings and freeze. I would have to clean out my freezer before doing that so we'll see how intrepid I get. I do want to make the mexican pie in the ESBM cookbook.

To Success!


Michelle said...

good job on the walking..sometimes it takes a couple of days to wrap your brain around getting back into 'it' but it happens. You are taking great strides!!!! A pudding ain't so bad!!! I can think of a family sized Cadbury's fruit and nut bar!!! (you guessed it..ME!!)

Have a great day girl!! xx

Anne said...

Do you love the ESBM book? I hear so many great things about it!