Monday, September 18, 2006

Lost my TV Guide

And missed Amazing Race! I think I accidentally recycled this weeks copy because I had last week.
I love Amazing Race, I'm so disappointed. Hopefully OLN will carry it and do a repeat sometime this week.

I did buy a new tv guide because of all the premiers this week. I was seriously fretting over it.
Watched Men in Trees...not bad, will watch it again. Apart from that, most of the ones I want to see haven't aired yet. I'm so looking forward to Wednesday for Biggest Loser and ANTW. Plus I think Tuesday has the season premier of Gilmore Girls. I'm such a tv junkie.

Thanks for the kudos on 3lbs and 16k. Just to clear up a few things though I'm a marathon walker no runner. So any distances I mention is walking not running. The reason I walk as opposed to run is running put 4 times your body weight on your joints, walking 2 times. I also have shorter legs and longer torso so running has never grown on me. I do think that long distance runners are amazing, that's hard core to me.

I do walk very fast, beat quite a few runners in the half marathon in Vancouver too...not that it's a competition, I just want to be clear that it's not a stroll either.

Speaking of training, I will complete all my cross training exercises this week ie. pilates and yoga in between all that baking that I talked about yesterday. I haven't been very consistent lately and I'm running out of time. Of course I also have to schedule creatively so I can catch all those premiers :)

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The Glitterati said...

Ahhh! Hurray! That is so fantastic that you're in the 160's! (Missed the announcement yesterday) I knew you could do it, and I KNOW you're dedicated enough not to go back. Go CW!!!