Friday, September 08, 2006

The tale of two Yoga DVDS

I did as planned yesterday. Walked in my front door and changed into workout clothes, then proceeded to pop in a Yoga Dvd. A few month back I found one at Walmart called Geri Yoga with everyone's favourite (or not) Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. I had to admit that what I had seen of her recently showed a super toned body. So I picked it up for $12. It sat and gathered dust (as most of the workout dvds I buy do) until yesterday.
I took off the cellophane and started the disk. I lasted 10min, not because it was hard. It was boring, the pace was really slow, the instructions vague and Geri chatted all the way through it. Her chat consisted of really irritating banter with the yoga instructor Katy Appleton. Well I had enough of that.

I did not give up. Instead I popped in what I consider to be the creme de la creme of yoga dvds (admitting that I haven't tried many)...Namaste Yoga. I love this DVD for a number of reasons. The set comes with 13 episodes at half an hour each. So you never get bored. I think it's filmed in Victoria and the scenery changes all the way through the half hour. The creator is Kate Potter and it's her voice that guides you from position to position. It's great clear instruction and the set up of her workouts have you start at the "heart centre" focusing on breathing, then you do the dynamic flow of moves but always return to heart centre. I never got completely lost and actually felt a sense of accomplishment afterwards.

Tonight the plan is walking, it's supposed to be 40min involving some sort of hill. I live in a hilly-ish neighbourhood but I think I'll do my regular loop of 5.6km which should take roughly 50min. Sunday is only 9.7km but soon that distance will double...eeek. I really should track down some gels so I can start trying them to see what will work in Hawaii.

Have a great weekend everybody!


alea said...

Thanks for welcoming me back! It's nice to see that there are still some people checking in on me even though I've been a complete slacker lately... :)

Michelle said...

Hellooooo... ;)

Michelle said...

Hey ..I would love to meet up with you next time I am in Calgary. You sound like my sort of gal ;)