Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Long Weekend Eve

Death by chocolate was spectacular...only one option was so so. The rest literally to die for especially this thing called Chocolate Cream. It tasted like homemade chocolate pudding and it was in this cute almost egg cup size little bowl. I did wind up having pasta but only ate half skipped the sauces and just had veggies with it. Thank god I skipped the wine...$8 a glass at the Palliser. I was rail roaded by super expensive coffee...$5 for normal coffee. Alas it was all worth it.
Today I'm back on plan, had to buy lunch but had an awesome turkey sandwith on dark bread with a little mustard and a little cranberry sauce and veggies.

Tonight will probably be soup.

My Friend from Fort Mac is coming in tomorrow so my painting palooza will be delayed a day but apart from that it all looks good for the coming weekend.

I hope everyone has a great and safe Labour Day weekend.

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Anne said...

Mmmm chocolate.