Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I love Fall

So the weekend went by in a blur as long weekends often do. Here is a recap of my activities.
Saturday: Weighed in - down 1lb, very happily surprised by that since it's the week before TOM and normally a gain.
Spent the day with my friend from Fort Mac. Saw Devil wears Prada for the second time and then ate really really really badly ie. hot dog and fries and a Peanut Buster Parfait. Got to play with her adorable 16 mth old nephew for a bit too.

Sunday: Up at 7am and painted one part of my 6 foot fence (the long part), took most of the day and what now feels like 400 squats. My neighbours might think I'm crazy because I was talking to the spiders I came across.
Me:O.K I have to paint here so either you move or I knock you off.
The spider: silence
Me: O.K I'm knocking you off.

The rest of the fence is waiting for spring and a paint sprayer because it just takes too damn long to paint between the fence boards.
Also discovered how many people in my hood speed down the alley way.

Headed out for my long distance walk which was supposed to be 14.5KM it was only 11KM. I did find the elusive parks that gain access to the pathways, actually discovered a few. All were closed off due to renovations or falling rocks...fine. Then I just did laundry, watered flowers and did household stuff.
Had a wee heart attack because I couldn't find the charger for my garmin. Then found it still in the suitcase I took to my Dad's...whew!!

Feel like I did 400 squats.

The reason I love fall is mostly due to all the fabulous colours and how it's still nice but not super hot, however today should be over 30.

Since it's almost a new season I also feel a bit of renewed motivation in terms of weight loss. The summer felt like one step forward and two steps back. My training will be hitting high gear soon so activity will be better. I'm trying to save moolah so making my own lunch will also be helpful. I think I need to re-establish my accountability to all of you so I'll be posting my food and activity again.

1/2c Original All bran - 1
1/2c Milk - 1
1/2c Strawberries - 1
Coffee - 2
Milk - 2
Coffee - 2
1/2c Chunky Soup - 3
Tomatoe - 0
Carrot Salad - 2 (raw grated carrot with a 1 tbls of ceasar vinagrette dressing)
Yogurt - 2
Subtotal: 17pts
Goal today: 24pts
Point remaining: 7

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