Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Atmospheric interruption

Oy vey I'm tired, doesn't help that I stayed up and watched Men in Trees. Today's weather is whacky, we have fog and it's a bit chilly. All I want to do is put my PJs on and have hot chocolate.

Alas not in the cards tonight. I must do yoga and start Birthday cake #1. It's pretty straight forward- white cake, Sheriff's lemon filling and vanilla icing. Tonight is baking the cake and preparing the filling. Tomorrow will be assembly and bake cake #2.

Last night I made the most awesome dinner. Sauted some onion and mushrooms in a bit of oil and put it in an omelette of one egg and two egg whites topped with low fat cheddar cheese and served with salsa. The only bad thing was I put a wee bit too much salt in the eggs. It was so good I actually thought of making it again. Tonight I think I'll do the onions and mushrooms again but have it with a lean boneless pork chop that's been shake n' baked and maybe some steamed broccoli.

Last night did 50min of fast walking with training partner so that was good. I've now been on plan for 3 days. The scale showed a bit of a gain this morning but I think that's due to the two days of cardio (16 AP in two days) and the salt of last night. Water is going really well today. I have even talked myself out of chocolate bar.

Last night my training partner and I were talking about that renewed sense of dedication you have when you actually start to notice the progress on yourself. I hope I can ride that wave for a while. I was totally craving pizza last night but avoided that. I think I might need to treat myself on Saturday after WI but being on a budget I should probably make my own :) I have a dentist appointment that day too and I hate the dentist.

Now I'm totally rambling...until tomorrow


Sonya said...

Cowgirl, I'm so sorry that I missed your post about being in the 160's!! WOO HOO!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you, girl!!!!

I hear you about PJ and hot chocolate weather. My couch, flannel blanket, and Coronation Street is calling my name tonight. It's a bit chilly in Toronto, too. I can't believe summer is winding down.

Anyway - you're an inspiration - keep up the great work!!!

duenneschen said...

seriously, i missed your post about the 160's as well.

i swear to god, this job is getting in the way of everything! in particular my blog reading ;)

CONGRATS!!! you deserve it!!

youve been kicking some serious ass food and exercise wise!