Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blechy cold rain and (dare I say) snow

Cold rain is falling on my fair city today, as it did yesterday and it's supposed to tomorrow as well. Except the added excitement for Friday might be....wet snow. Yes, we haven't quite reached the first day of fall and snow may be here.

I call it the winter dress rehearsal; however it won't stay and probably melt fast enough. It will give everyone that one day to find their mitts and snow shovels and try to remember how to drive in slippery conditions. There will be about 100 fender benders, I will consult the magic 8 ball later to confirm that later. The best part is then it will be nice for a few weeks and we'll start the winter dress rehearsal all over again until it lasts for a week and everyone adjusts.

When I got home yesterday the desire to workout was not with me, so I weighed myself 172.5. I then exercised because the desire to cross into the 160s on Saturday is strong. Weighed my self this morning after breakfast 171.5...yeah! Tonight, I'm going out to dinner but I know the restaurant well and they have an amazing salad. It will be dressing on the side and water with lemon and I'm good to go. Am I scale obsessed?, perhaps, but it's more to measure progress because it's taken me all summer to lose the same 4lbs.

Watched Rockstar last night and while I'm not that into Lucas's style I did find it interesting that Canadians have won two years in a row. Yay us!

Survivor starts tonight and I'm excited. The first episode always determines if I'll actually follow it through the season.

The only thing that drives me a bit nutty during Fall TV Season is figuring out what new shows to try, so often there on at the same time as a tried and true favourite and the programming my vcr is like organizing my daytimer. I should really look into a pvr.

Have a great on plan day everyone!


LivingMinimal said...

Cold weather and snow can mean only one season is around the corner! :)

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Heck ya, training camps are in full swing.

jodi said...

so close to the 160s, you'll get there for sure... good luck at your next weigh-in, i'm sure you'll do great! :o)

p.s. i'm looking forward to the new shows: studio 60 and brother/sisters... old favs: scrubs, my name is earl, SVU, and CSI...