Thursday, September 21, 2006

Adventures with cake

First of all I can't believe it's Thursday, not sure what happened to Wednesday...oh yes Cake Adventures.

So on Tuesday I did bake one cake cut it into 2 layers and then realized there are 20 people in my office. This is not enough cake. So on the way home yesterday I swung by Walmart grabbed two more boxes of cake mix (it's a week night I'm not baking from scratch) and another container of icing. I did make the filling on Tuesday so that was good. I also picked up two 13x9 pans so I could bake the two layers at the same time and the same size and they were cheap. Walked home at an incredible pace because I knew baking, waiting for cooling, filling and icing were in my future. Walked in the door, whipped up the two cakes as speedy as possible. Set timer for the same time I baked Tuesday's cake at.

I scorched the bottom of each of the cakes. I was traumatized. So I carefully cut off all the black and dark brown bits, grabbed one layer of Tuesdays cake and created a not quite even layered vanilla with lemon filling and vanilla icing cake. The cake is on a metal tray. I brought it to work today in a duffle bag that I carefully guarded on the super packed bus. Apart from being heavy, I'm really hoping it's good. The bits that I trimmed off and the odds and ends from creation were good. So my evening wasn't exactly OP either :)

The best part is I get to do it again tonight but this time a marble cake with chocolate icing. At least now I know to bake it about 5 min less and will hopefully have no bits to cut off and munch on.

Tuesday I did do yoga and it felt awesome, last night was the cake olympics (running through Walmart and then speed walking home). Tonight will be yoga and maybe pilates because I have more time. Friday it's walking again but I'm not too sure how I'll get a cake and a back pack on the bus.

Watched ANTM last night and have no clear favourite yet. Not impressed with some of them but it should be an interesting season. My friend from Vancouver asked me to tape it so I'll have to mail that off today...yes I am an amazing friend since I'm an hour plane.

Fell asleep 3/4 of the way into Biggest Loser, woke up with 30min left so I taped that and went to bed. I miss Jillian. The new girl seems cool but a little perky/cheerleaderish. Time will tell. I felt for the people who didn't get picked but I like the idea of home vs ranch. I think it will prove to a lot of people that you can succeed with weightloss on your own. The before and after shots always floor me. Tonight I'm excited about The Office premier but I'll have to tape it. Oy vey I'll have to set my vcr for all these shows that are on past my bed time and hope that Tivo soon comes North. Not sure if I'll watch Survivor tonight. I found it a bit boring last week.

I have my quarterly perfomance meeting today, hopefully they'll just tell me I'm fabulous and be on with it. It's technically the 2nd quarter we're talking about so all goals set in the first meeting still have quite a bit of time to complete.

Have a super day!


The Glitterati said...
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The Glitterati said...

Okay, once more, sans typos:

Whew! I think I broke into a nervous sweat just reading all that! Kudos to your crisis management skills!

Oh I've missed ANTM so... I think I like that crazy blonde girl the most so far. She seems so wacky, but when she tones it down, she's actually classically good looking. The bottom 2 girl who didn't get cut reminds me of a 90's supermodel, and my god how stunning is the Indian girl? That bonestructure! She might be the most photogenic of the bunch!