Sunday, September 24, 2006

Too good to be true

So my announcement of crossing into the 160s might be a bit early. Was up 2.2 on Saturday, not sure how that happened but I'm sure the cake-a-palooza might have been a factor. The weird thing is I weighed myself at home first and thought I'd see a stay the same based on that. Normally my scale and WW scale are off by at least a pound and a half (my scale being the higher weight). This Saturday there was a half pound difference...weird.

My leader told me I was looking really good and asked me if I was close to the top of my range. Still 30lbs away but I that was super nice to hear. I told her that I wear fat well :)

Today did 20km with training buddy and I seem to have my carb/hydration plan mapped out. Well it worked today so I know what I have to do for distances up to 20km. The longer we go I'll have to figure it out. I need to research fuel gels, I just don't embrace chewing while exercising.

We saw around 20 Greyhounds being walked on the path way during our whole treck. Apparently one of the groups of people who rescue retired racing Greyhounds were having a get together. They are some regal looking dogs I tell ya.

2 days ago my right eye started to twitch, just the bottom lid every so often and not in any regular pattern. Really annoying more than anything. So of course I hit google to find out the causes. Most likely due to stress and lack of sleep or dehyrdation. I haven't been feeling incredibly stressed but I think my subconscious is because I wake up chomping down on my night guard (pending marathon, cost of Hawaii so close to Christmas). Today I had a nice 2hr nap. Part of my plan this week it to be in bed for minimun 8 hrs per night to see if that helps. Even after the nap it's only twitched once...we'll see how it goes. Plus I know my hydration hasn't been stellar and with activity ramping up I'll have to keep an eye on that as well. Incredible how the body has little ways of telling you to smarten up.

Have a great remainder of your weekend everybody!

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Sonya said...

Lots happening! Great work on the cake. Wanna send a piece through purolator to Toronto?;-)

No worries about the WI - could have been anything. You're doing great, and that's awesome about the 20K. You're going to kick this marathon in the butt!

And eye-twitching is sooooo annoying. I've been stressed outta my mind lately - even sleep isn't helping. Need yoga and chamomile tea - badly!