Friday, September 15, 2006

Divine Intervention

Went out to dinner last night and on the menu was mention of a Black Forest Cheesecake (picturing in my head the image posted here), being of German stock this cried out to me. So after my salad with dressing on the side I ordered it. It was disgusting. For one thing it was hot, since when is cheesecake served hot. It wasn't cheesecake like whatsoever. It was served with Bailey's Whip Cream, which looked like it came out of a Reddi Whip and melted to a weird liquid in 10 seconds. It was almost like hot cake with cherries in the middle. My friend ordered the same thing and hers was cold...what the? I had a bite and got it taken off my bill, so thanks to that it was an OP day. Perhaps it was divine intervention so I didn't blow my points for the day....

I've been doing so well and I have one day to go before weigh in.

Had to buy lunch today because all my lunch making motivation left me this morning. Had a beef stew with a dumpling so probably not wicked low in points but I'm not worried. It will be a low point supper and I've downed 1.5l of water so far.

Got paid today and my budget/frugal pergatory (or should I continues. Technically I'm saving for Hawaii but I should really keep this trend going. It's amazing how "I want it now" I am. Now I stop and think before picking things up and heading to the cash. I can also be found saying "Too expensive" out loud as I put products back on the shelf.
I've already budgeted my bus pass for October and this weeks groceries. I do have a whack of food in my pantry that I rarely get around to because I'm always after fast suppers. I must take inventory and maybe put a post it note on the fridge with potential ideas so point friendly inspiration smacks me in the head when I get home.

I also need to bake two birthday cakes next week...back to back I might add. Luckily the requests are simple but that means lugging my cake carry thing two days in a row on the bus...wheeeeee!

Must go and drink more water...have a great weekend everybody!


Cara-bellum said...

Hurray on the mega-water intake!

alea said...

Ok. Right after I'm finished with this comment I'll go and fill up my water bottle. Then I'll sit down and make some plans - a meal plan and a budget plan. I'm impressed how organised you are and I really should take a leaf out of your book! I need to get a grip on my life. Thanks for this post! :)

Oh and yay for not eating the cake at the restaurant! Knowing what a pig I am I probably would have eaten it anyway... :)

Sonya said...

Sorry that the cake was so gross! You're right, sometimes a little divine intervention never hurt anyone.;-)

Hawaii is getting so close!!!! Woo hoo! And you're doing great.

Post-it notes of snacks on your fridge is a GREAT idea. I always come up with a bunch of healthy snack ideas on Sunday, and stock my fridge. Like hummus & celery, red apples and almond butter, lite cheddar and ww crackers, etc.

Good luck at WI!