Saturday, September 09, 2006

Things to ponder

I was down .4 today which crosses me once again into the 171 area. It's taking me a really long time to break through the 170s and I think I figured out why, thanks to todays meeting.
It was like a light bulb going off in my head when she said this.

The key to success on Weightwatchers is following the program. Well duh...I thought. Then realized what I have learned to accept as staying on program is sticking to my points for each day. I know that the water and fruits and veggies are factors but I was never as concerned about those as sticking to points.

When she asked us what is staying on plan the group started to discuss. This one woman said that she thinks most of us including herself are only following half the plan ie. the points. I was like OMG she's right.

Do I ever really think about am I getting enough protein, do I hit my water target on a regular basis (not lately).

Wow! I went grocery shopping after my meeting with a whole new attitude.

On a side note: Before meetings I usually hit Tim's for coffee and a muffin (I only eat half). This morning that didn't happen because the line was huge and I ran out of time. Normally I would probably hit McD for breakfast afterwards (not saying I'll never do that again) but today I rethought because it didn't go with the rest of the day I had planned food wise. Saturdays are my higher point day but it's really easy to hog wild on those days. Instead I went to starbucks afterwards and got a skinny latte with sugar free hazelnut syrop. When I got home I made a healthier breakfast.

I so need to take this one day at a time and start thinking of food as fuel (the 80/20 rule). I'm getting a lot of activity so no worries there but I must also be diligent about crosstraining. 3 months from today I'll be in Honolulu mentally preparing myself for probably one of the most challenging things I've ever considered marathon.

Now I must go back and read week 1 so to refresh my memory on what exactly staying On Plan means.

I will be a success story!


crackmonkee said...

Congratulations on your loss! After reading what was said at your meeting I realize I too have only been doing the point part of Weight Watchers. I do get my water in most days and do eat veggies and fruits but I doubt I'm eating wht I'm suppose to!

duenneschen said...

thats so funny.

it seems like a lot of WWers only do a certain part of WW but they never do it all correctly to the book (me included)

anyways, yeah to the loss and the determination!!

alea said...

Oh. Right. I'm not doing it properly either, not even the points... Time to go back a few steps and start afresh!

I know you'll be a success story! And I want to be one too... :)

TC said...

You are so right. I decided a short while ago, that doing this meant more than eating within my points. It also meant using my points wisely. While I still have off days, i do feel that as a rule, I tend to do pretty good.

I noticed you are doing the wendi plan. I am as well!