Friday, September 22, 2006

Channeling my inner 5 year old

Alright, it's either the pans or my oven or Betty Crocker. However only since using these new pans have I had issues.

I made the marble cakes last night and chopped off the time by 7 minutes and they still burned. So once again I'm trimming off burnt parts. Then I wait for it to cool and start to frost it. The cake starts to fall apart, the more I try to fix it and the worse it gets. It's now like 8:45 and there's no time to start over so I got creative.

Took a big bowl, chopped up the cake and frosting, put a layer of chopped cake, layer of pudding (German cooked chocolate pudding), some chocolate chips and repeat. I practically jogged to Safeway this morning and grabbed some whip cream. Brought the charger and maple syrup to work so I could make the whip cream. Even brought sprinkles to finish the whole thing off. I'm calling it Marble Cake Explosion. Wouldn't it be funny if people started to request it?

Hopefully everyone likes it.

I did earn a few ap at least and do have a walk planned for after work.

Got informed that I got a raise today retro active as of Sept 1....whoo hooo!

I might be back later to report on the cake.

Other than all that, scale looked promising this morning :)

Everyone loved the Marble Cake Explosion, in fact a few people said it was the best cake the ever had...whew!

A couple of people asked me how I baked a cake in a plastic's assembled in the bowl not baked in it.

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crackmonkee said...

Way to get creative, I just would of gave up and bought a cake!! I bet everyone will like it, sounds yummy!