Friday, October 01, 2010

Can a dryer drive you to drink?

It was a rather strange day today.

Late last night I got an email asking if I'd give up my morning flight to site for a higher up and I responded today saying sure I'll go on a later flight. I got my flight confirmation and a thanks and thought I don't need to lug my computer home tonight. Then about 2 hours later I got another flight confirmation for my normal morning flight. Apparently another spot for me was found. So computer and I went home on the bus just in time for all the high school kids to get on the bus as

I zipped out of work to make it home in time for the LG guy. I was responding to emails and saving things to my memory stick while trying to put my converse runners on.

Dryer guy showed up with a new panel in it's box. We take it out of the box and it's the wrong panel. It was the right colour and looked like it belonged to my machine but the display was smaller and the buttons were a different size. I remained positive but a part of me wanted to knock my head in to a wall.

However we wound up using the part from the new panel to fix the old panel and some fancy epoxy fixed the two plastic doohickeys that came off. Those plastic doohickeys are now on that thing way better than they were originally.

Turned the dryer on and tada it works. Service guy left, I went downstairs to position the dryer a bit better as it wasn't quite sitting right when I see that the metal guard that covers the cables on the back is not on. It needs to be screwed on under the top part of the dryer and service guy missed it. I ran upstairs in hope the van was still outside but of course not. I phoned the service number in hopes they could catch him but no.

I now have another service appointment for this Wednesday. When the service guy phone I'm just going to double check if that back part is an absolute necessity. I just want to be done.

There is no reason why I can't use the dryer so I'm getting my laundry on. I thought about starting it tonight but with all the added drama I just don't want to go there.

I started a grocery list for tomorrow and I'm mentally preparing myself for weigh in tomorrow. As of that weigh in it's game on until goal. These last two weeks have shown me how easy it is to fall into old patterns when not being focused. That ends now.

Unlikely I'll hit goal by my original date of Dec. 11 but I can get as close as I can by then that's for sure.

This means planning and I've been hit and miss about that. My biggest weakness is losing interest in the plan by mid week.

When I was in Europe we didn't plan our meals for the week as it was done a few days at a time. Stopping of at the market a few times a week to pick up a few things was common. I'm adopting that approach this week. I can plan a few days ahead and not go off plan. Maybe I need to break my week into smaller chunks so I can keep food on plan but also interesting.

I need to remind myself of why I want this. I want goal bad.

Hope you had a drama free Friday.


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