Sunday, October 10, 2010

Turkey Dinner - Deconstructed

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians.

The traditional Thanksgiving dinner has never been the norm in my house. In fact we really didn't celebrate Thanksgiving as the traditions celebrated were usual German not North American with the exception of Halloween (well that was big for me not so much my parents).  In my house Christmas is the mega holiday.

As I had made turkey/ stuffing mini meatloafs last week I decided to go a different path to a turkey dinner.

I made ground turkey tacos. I used the new Old El Paso Smart Fiesta pack. The taco shells have 5g of fibre each. I topped them with the salsa in the box, a little light sour cream, chopped tomatos and some 2% Tex Mex cheese. I'm not a bit fan of lettuce on my tacos.

In the glass in 1/2 cranberry juice and 1/2 diet ginger ale.
The tacos are about 3 points each.

I've never been a pumpkin fan and the only pumpkin pie I remember liking was a whipped pumpkin pie. I'm thinking I liked it because of the whip cream not so much the pumpkin. My Thanksgiving dessert is more my angle.

I found the Jello Mousse Temptations in the grocery store today. I think they're recently available in Canada. They have no added sugar (no fake sugar either) and they're 1pt each. Here I inverted one on to the plate, added some fresh rasperries and light aerosol whipped cream. It's not quite half a cup of raspberries so if I count those as zero it's a 2pt dessert.

Tomorrow I might have another version of Thanksgiving meal with a couple of the mini meatloafs (that are now in the freezer), some roasted brussel sprouts (roasted is the only way I like them) and I picked up some cranberry sauce today.

Yesterday I went for a 1hr mega walk and clocked in a little over 6km - burned 338 calories. Today I walked to the grocery store and back which is 2 activity points. Tomorrow will be another mega walk.

I just chilled the rest of the day and caught up on some stuff on my PVR like Rubicon and Mad Men.

Right now I'm waiting for the Amazing Race as I've got money on the two doctors. I put off all chores today so that will be tomorrow.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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