Saturday, October 02, 2010

Not as bad as I thought

Up 1.8 at weigh in and I'm good with that. To be honest I was expecting a higher gain.
For the past week I really haven't had any water going more for OJ as I tried to boost my cold fighting powers. I picked up my tracker this morning and see that I haven't tracked for 12 days. 1.8lbs is perfectly o.k. Of course the mission now is to irridicate those 1.8lbs plus a bit more.I'm tracking today that's for sure. I earned 4 activity points so far today by walking.

It was good to be back at a meeting but my leader has one major flaw. He has zero time management. The topic of the week always gets the last 5 minutes and he always goes over the 30min. Today there was a long discussion of the differance between a sweet potato and a yam. I didn't exactly find that fascinating.

Next week they're talking about Thanksgiving. I was brought up with German traditions and Thanksgiving isn't one of them so it's never been a major deal to me. I've always enjoyed being invited to turkey dinners as I would never put that together for myself. I had a bit of light bulb moment when they brought up Thanksgiving as it made me think of a WW turkey muffin recipe that's super simple and good low point protein option. It's more like a meatloaf but it's pretty much 1lb ground turkey, a box of stuffing and one cup water put in muffin pan and there about 2pts each.

I went grocery shopping right after WW and picked up the ingredients for that plus the new Old El Paso Smart Fiesta taco kit. It's says for 1/5 of the box is 2pts. So two taco shells (empty) are two points and it's got 5g of fibre.

I'm trying out the new washer and dryer today too. I just put my very first load into the washer and I was riveted. I've never had a front loading washine before. What I find interesting is the load I have in now is my work clothes so it's more half a load and the machine tells me it will be done in 1hr. My old washine would wash in closer to 40min but of course all it did was spin. This new one spins slow, spins fast, stops for a second then spins again. I'm intrigued to see if I'll notice a difference in the cleanliness of the clothes.

Tomorrow I need to go to the library. I've never tracked the distance to the library before so I think I'll put on the garmin and use it as a workout walking there and back.

Alright hope your Saturday was wonderful.


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