Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Miss Organized

Got to work today and saw big treat bags hanging on people's office doors. I didn't have one on my door which at first I thought a blessing and then thought I was snubbed. Turns out someone stole the bag off my door, who does that? The Halloween fairy responsible for the bags found me a replacement which I thought was super nice.

The work Halloween pot luck lunch was a massive success and there were some very creative dishes i.e. peanut butter balls that looked like eyeballs. I didn't eat that as it freaked me out. Two -bite brownies are evil.

It was good that I had to run off to meetings on the other side of town as there were many not so point friendly options that looked awfully delicious. I wasn't 100% pleased with my cheesecake so I don't know if it was a popular option. I tried a smidgen and it tasted fine but it didn't meet my expectations. I turn into a bit of a Martha when I bake.

I went grocery shopping right after work as there's a new Co-op right across from our other office. I managed to stick to healthy options with the exception of one treat - Liberte Medittarean Coconut yogurt. I also tossed a container of 0% greek yogurt in my cart, I've never tried this.

Now I'm in the no food zone as weigh in looms tomorrow. Zip idea as to what the scale will say but I accept whatever the result is and I need to set me some goals for next week to get this train going in the right directions. If you follow the plan it works, if you don't follow the plan...well you know how it goes.

1. Track everything
2. Water, water, water
3. Scheduled activity

I also need to remember why getting to goal is important to me.

1. Health - my dad has had colon cancer and my mom died of alzeihmer related  something
Both can be fought with living a health lifestyle
2. Self esteem - I know this is not related to weight loss alone but it's more the mental part and believing I deserve to succeed.
3. Vanity - Oh yes I'll admit that's in there. I want to dress to show off as opposed to hide. I'm not talking hoochy mama but stuff like tuck my shirt into my waist band or wear leggings.

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween Friday...mwhahahahahaha!

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RecipeGirl said...

You're an inspiration! I cook and bake and develop recipes every day, yet I'm trying to lose weight on Weight Watchers. 3 weeks in, and so far so good. Lots & lots of gum chilling and will power are happening for sure. It's so cool to see your progress. You've been at this a long time!