Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good plan...gone a wee awry

Yesterday I noticed I was walking more normally and didn't feel all that sore, which was awesome. Now I need to get my butt back in the gym.

Had a pretty busy day at work and then it was off to chill with the girls. We finally did our "girls night". The plan was an early night just a little social time with two drinks max (already planned points wise). Then that went out the window.

One of our friends couldn't meet up till a bit later so the two of us who were planning on going then stayed and then the wine happened. I'm cool with a glass of wine but not loads of it and I wouldn't say it's my drink of choice but before we knew it the 4 of us got through a few bottles. I was definitely feeling the effects and not feeling all that great so I got myself in a cab and crashed on the couch. I think I walked in the door close to 2am.

I did move myself to my bed at some point, woke up at 7 and thought about weigh in. Got up weighed myself saw a wicked good number that's thanks to being massively dehydrated. I realized I was in no condition to go to weigh in so I went back to bed and thought I'll go the later meeting. Well I slept through that. For the rest of the day I've pretty much focused on rehydrating myself and shaking off a monster headache.

This is starting to be a regular Friday thing which is both bad and good. The good part is these people started out as co-workers and are now really good friends. I enjoy spending time with them and loads of laughs happen. The bad is uber late night, the alcohol and then the recovery day. I don't think I've gone out this much since university. I need to set some ground rules for myself like stick to the two drinks and then drink water.

There's nothing wrong with a drink after work on a Friday  but I need to keep weight loss a major focus for me. I did not put all the hard work in to just negate it. You can have fun but stay on plan as well.

The other day I was downloading some new songs off of itunes and I saw a Tarot application. I take everything with a grain of salt but I've always enjoyed Tarot. I  did  a few different readings with the app and I keep getting the same results which are hard work will pay off. For me that means career and goal weight.

If the comsos is sending me message then my lesson is the hard work must not stop.

Hope you had a great Friday and Saturday,


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