Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feeling some muscles

I haven't really done weight training consistantly until I got a trainer for a few months. I never really knew what to do and always felt a little intimidated by that part of the gym.

When I first joined Spa Lady they created a plan using the machines and I did that for awhile but I found it kind of boring. I remember seeing an episode of X-Weighted where Paul (the trainer) said free weights are more effective because you're using more muscles and conditioning more of your body. I looked into that a bit more and there was a lot of evidence that was true. I considered the use of the machines sort of my introduction to weights.

A little while ago I decided to try weights again and I looked up a workout I had from the trainer I worked with. I couldn't move for 3 days after doing that. It felt like going from 0 to 60.  The sad thing about strength is you lose it if you don't use it.

So as I told you the other day I'm doing the "Smart Girls Do Dumbbells" 30 day plan. I didn't want to make the mistake of going all out but to rebuild the strength. I did day one using two 5lb weights.

I opted to do the intermediate level by doing 3 sets and 12 reps of each exercise as I was using lighter weights and I'd see how it goes. For some exercises like side raises the two 5lbs was plenty. For classic forward curls I could have gone heavier. The other exercises of day one were v-backs. bench presses, kneeling one arm rows and traditional crunches.

I then hit the treadmill for 30min of fast paced walking and I also walked to and from the gym (18min each way) so I got  a good workout in yesterday

I can feel it today but I can move without looking like I'm injured in some way.

Today when I head over to the gym for Day 2 I think I'll use heavier weights as the exercises today are lunges, deadlifts, squats and heel raises. The ab exercise of the day is reverse leg lifts (I'm pretty bad at these but can only get better right?)

I also pick up a few things at the grocery store and pick up a book from the library which are both near the gym so now I just need to decide the sequence of events.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday.


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