Sunday, October 24, 2010

Winter is coming.....

I say this because I just checked the weather forecast for Northern Alberta so I'm prepared for my trip tomorrow. I saw the word snow and minus temperatures. It's only saying -1 but that means mitts and toque are coming fron now on. Minus one with wind can feel pretty cold.

Today I zipped to the library and to the grocery store and I walked there and back. Then I finally hauled the patio set into the shed. This always signifies the start of winter for me.

I'm intigued by the commercials for Columbia's new Omni Heat jackets. My winter gear is still good for one more winter so no excuse to buy a new jacket. Well we'll see how the weight loss goes as the cold weather will just keep coming and not really be over until March-ish. So maybe a new jacket will be needed further on. All of it is looser just not loose enough to go down a size when layering is important.

I'm also planning my food for tomorrow as I need to pack breakfast and lunch. I'll bring oatmeal as usual but this time I'll bring a few walnuts to add as well as the brown sugar. My morning snack will be strawberries and if needed afternoon snack a granola bar. Lunch will be a Lean Cuisine lasagna and applesauce.

I plan to weigh in on Thurday this week.

When I get back I need to make a cheesecake for a Halloween pot luck at work. I'm going to make a Bailey's cheescake with a spider web on top made of chocolate ganache. I'm pretty positive I have meetings on the other end of town during the pot luck but I'm hoping to get to enjoy a part of it.

Now I have tea steeping and matching my saved episodes of Rubicon on the pvr.

Hope everyone enjoys there next few days.


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