Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Logic is dead or maybe just having a sick day

At least it seemed that way today. Today I had about 4 interactions with different groups that had me thinking logical people had been kidnapped by aliens and replaced by ridiculous people.  I really started thinking perhaps there was a full moon today. Then I realized it's Tuesday pretending to be Monday. Everyone now has the same amount of things to accomplish in 4 days where they would normally have 5.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Tonight I baked 3 packs of the Pillsbury pumpkin cookies for the two training sessions I get to help facilitate tomorrow and Thursday. I figure a halloween themed thing would be good and cookies will make them happy to sit there for 4 hours listening to me. I had debated halloween candy but I think that's more dangerous.

I have tracked everything so far this week and keeping my eyes on Thursday morning weigh in.

I got an out of the blue dinner invite from a co-worker who I used to share an office with and now we work in two different cities. I'm looking forward to that. At first I got worried about dinner out Thursday and food & wine fest on Friday, then I realized I'm weighing in first thing on Thursday not Saturday morning. I'm not tossing those two days out the window, it just means to plan the day out .

I own this book "Smart Girls Do Dumbbells" (available at Amazon where I got the picture). It's a really good resource for free weight exercises. It's been awhile since I flipped through it. I've really been thinking that I need to be more focused on weight training. I'm pretty good at encorporating cardio but not so good with the weights.

The thing I've never done is follow there 30 day plan. With a little less than 2 months left in Operation Little Black Dress I want to give it a go.

I'm going to start it on Saturday. I don't want to start tomorrow and then have two days interrupted. or maybe I will start tomorrow as each day varies the exercises so you're not working the same muscles back to back.

I got a call from Running Room that my new runners are ready for pick up so I'll grab those at lunch tomorrow and I think I'll bring the workout bag and hit the company gym.

I started watching BL tonight and then got a phone call lucky I was recording it on the dvr so I'll catch up on that later.

Hope you all had a great Tuesday pretending to be Monday.


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