Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stairs and I are still not BFFs

Oy vey,

I'm still sore in the quads from Sunday, how is that possible? Yesterday I stopped off at Walmart on the way home and got some epsom salts, eucalyptus bubble bath and the tylenol for muscle aches. I felt a wee difference today. Once I start moving it's all good. I walked home from the mall and then went for an hour walk yesterday before the soak. What's driving me bonkers is when I sit for half an hour and then get up it's "OMG I'm 201" all over again.

Yes, I know it will get better and the important thing is to keep at it. Tonight I worked late so no workout.

I decided to weigh in on Saturday this week as I miss the meeting. I miss having my regular weigh in uniform and all my weigh in day rituals. Thursdays will be for when I can't make Saturday.

Had an interesting conversation with a higher up the food chain person today that once again floated a new position in front of me that would have me at site for 4 days and then off for 3 days. While that does totally appeal to me my brain starts to plan i.e. arrange snow removal, should I get a security system, should I get a post office box, I need a notebook to blog. I'm all about logistics. Now this has been promised in the past so I won't believe it till I see it.  A part of it scares the bejeezus out of me as I think I'd be brilliant at this job but it's all about proving it. My dad seems to getting more serious about selling the property and moving in with me. Which is great but he and I together 24/7 not such a good thing as we're both really similar and stupid stubborn so only being home for 3 days could work really well. There's a whack of work that needs to be done on his house before we got to that point.

On the weight loss front it would mean super diligence as you have access to healthy food but also very tempting treats i.e. pie every day. There is a pretty darn nice gym though. The other bonus totally saving on groceries.

It's just a "what if" now so I'm not getting my hopes up. I will focus on the task at hand. Though it's funny that the head honch said "Believe, conceive, achieve" to me today as that's a mantra of mine. What I really need to do is apply that mantra to getting to goal.

I hope you all had a super fabulous few days.


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Blubeari said...

I've always enjoyed soreness; a constant reminder of how hard I worked. :-)