Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stairs are my mortal enemy

Remember how I said I did two sets of the lower body workout because I didn't want to cause myself mega soreness.

I have mega soreness in my quads especially and everywhere I went over the past two days involved stairs or getting up from a chair. Today everytime I had to get up from my desk it took mental preparation for the screaming muscles. I tried to go downstairs with no witnesses so they didn't see how awkward the whole process was.

One of my work friends told me I was walking like a penguin..a pregnant penguin. I turned to her and said "Did you really need to add the pregnant could you not have stopped at penguin".

What I do remember from working out with trainer is that the soreness will go away.

The talent show at site was awesome but resulted in a pretty late night so no workouts yesterday and today it took over an hour to get home in the cab thanks to crazy traffic and I'm zonked. Frequent stopping and starting in a vehicle always makes me feel icky.  So Day 3 of weight training will happen tomorrow. Plus there will be a chunk of time dedicated to walking the treadmill to ease out the quads.

Apart from that not much to report.

Hope your last few days were awesome.


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