Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not as bad as I thought

The rest of yesterday went well cold wise and I felt pretty good today. The coughing started to surface towards the end of the day mostly when I was on the phone...of course.

I stepped on the scale yesterday before bed and the number wasn't bad at all. This surprised me as I've tracked nothing over the past few weeks especially not when I was feeling yucky.

Workouts will resume when my breathing is better. I did stop off at the grocery store to pick up a bottle of distilled water for the steam function of my soon to be functioning dryer. I walked home carrying a 4L jug. That felt o.k. I can definitely add in more walking over the next few days.

I will weigh in this Saturday to get back into the WW pattern and get my weight loss mojo on. Operation LBD has had a far too long hiatus.

Haven't heard from the LG guy yet so I'm very much hoping to do proper laundry this weekend.

The other day I discovered that Bloglines was coming to an end. I was not prepared for that. I have used that rss aggregate to keep track of all my blogs. Now I had to find another.

I uploaded all my links into Google Reader. It's alright. I find it very busy but I'm starting to figure out how to make it work for me. First I had to clear out 500 posts from the people I follow on blogspot that I also followed on bloglines.

Alright now you're up to speed on me.

Hope you all had an amazing Thursday.


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