Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pack mule or it felt like it

This morning I headed into work with my computer bag (lululemon backpack) and my gym bag also lulu

Which looks like this except mine is grey with a bit of a print on it. I was lugging some stuff I tell you. This bag isn't exactly small.

I hit the gym after work and did 45min on the treadmill at a good clip. I brought my heart rate monitor but forgot the foot pod so I went without. Then I swung by the grocery store to the get the ingredients for the cheesecake. I walked home with the workout bag and the groceries. Computer bag stayed at work. I was a pack mule pretty much all day.

I made the cake while watching ANTM and it's now in the oven. I had intended to make a Bailey's cheesecake but I didn't have enough so it's a Bailey's/Starbucks coffee liquor cheesecake. I think it will work.

Tomorrow I add the spiderweb. I'll come straight home tomorrow to finish that off and then hit the yoga mat as we need to reconnect.

That's all I got for today.

Hope your Wednesday was rather spectacular.


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