Thursday, October 07, 2010

Something has to change

I'm having a case of deja view on the weight loss front.

Getting to 168 and then creeping back up into the 170s. Last time this happened I stayed in the 170s for quite some time and then creeped up to within 8lbs of my original start weight of 204lbs.

Something has got to change. Today I decided to change my weigh in day to Thursday mornings as opposed to Saturday mornings.

The dowtown location has a 7am weigh in time on Thursdays which works for me as I only work a few blocks away and I can keep the first thing in the morning weigh in. This will make me pay close attention to weekends and the days I'm at site.

I'm not making this a forever change just yet. I'm going to test it for the next 4 weeks to see if it shakes me up a little. By going on Thursdays I can't stay for the meeting so I'll look to the blogs for updates on that. I do want to celebrate successes at my old meeting.

The other thing is I need to make tracking a priority. I started off well this week and then abandoned it by Wednesday. It was risky to weigh in today as I knew I'd be up a bit (.6 to be exact). For one thing it was two days sooner than regular weigh in and my normal weigh in uniform of yoga pants and a t-shirt was replaced by dress pants and a short sleeved blouse.  I kind of had halloween candy for supper last night and I can tell TOM is coming. The candy caused the "I need a shake up in routine" idea. I'm heading into bad patterns and old behaviours. I'm getting complacent which is not good.

The Christmas Party date was announced today and it's Dec 4th. That's 8 weigh ins from now. I can achieve some pretty good results in 8 weeks but it's all about being focused and believing I can do it. The little black dress (or maybe a different colour) will happen.

Tomorrow and next Friday will higher point days but then I remembered the Wendie Plan. Shaking up the points per day isn't a disaster. It's all about planning the day but factoring in the week.

I can do this, I will succeed and resistance is futile.


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Enz said...

I love your determination and motivation and how you realise when you need to do something different to make it work. Don't ever give up!