Sunday, January 31, 2010

Destroyed in seconds

No not the show, it was my manicure. Got that today with my friend T and then I got home and decided to resurrect my wii. I managed to mangle 3 nails in the removing of the backing to the batteries on the remote (this was hours after the manicure). I haven't used the wii in ages and thought I should play. Well when I don't use it, I don't leave it plugged in (saving energy people) and the cables hook in the front of my tv so I unplug those to.

Well it was on Friday I decided to play and I couldn't figure out why there was sound but no picture. Today I went online to find the wii manual and it turns out I had the red, white and yellow plug ins in the wrong order. Yeesh. So today I played a little volleyball.

Afterwards I re-did the nails with some nail envy and clear top coat. They still look fabulous.

I'm thinking of picking of the EA active as I've heard so much about it on the blogs. I think it might be a good addition to the workout regime.

My favourite games are sport related so I was also looking at the Mario and Sonic winter olympic one as well.

Plugged my WW weight in to the National X-Weighted challenge today as I've completely flipped my decision to treat the weigh ins seperately. It would just be more special when I hit goal at WW combined with x-weighted.

Got a nice little "Oops" announcement as I'm averaging 1.7lbs per week on the x-weighted challenge and I'm supposed to be averaging 1.8lbs - really? You're going to give me flack over .1 lbs?

Just looked up the town closest to site and it's -35 with windchill. I'll be packing the long johns that's for sure. The lovely thing is it's supposed to be 0 in Calgary on Wednesday.

Doing great on the points and water today and I'll be doing yoga shortly. The runners are coming to camp so I can hit the treadmill again. On track to day 9 in a row of being OP.

Took the measurements this morning and I lost 1.5in off of bust, 1.5in off of abs, 2in off of hips, 1in off of right bicep, and just shy of an inch of right thigh. I'm taking these measurements every month so this is after 1 month of recommitting to WW.

Alright my friends slightly random post but that's all I got for today.
I hope all of you are having a fabulous Sunday.


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