Saturday, January 09, 2010

More musings

Well I got as far as laundry and the cooking will have to wait until tomorrow. After I posted earlier I had a nap as that walk in the wind was exhausting and then straightened up the house.

I didn't do the fitness test of the x-weighted challenge yet and I plan to do it tomorrow at the gym. Thankfully there's a stopwatch on my ipod. I'm not 100% sure I'll follow it exactly as I have a knee that will not appreciate the jumping lunges, normal lunges are fine so I might do walking lunges instead as there is speed involved with how fast you can get up and down. I got the activity pamphlet at WW today and I had to smile that the runner on the cover is the one I wear - Mizuno Wave Alchemy. I'm taking that as a sign.

I want to post my before pictures as well, so many of you have bravo! I just need to find my little camera stand to get a better angle. I used my measurements from last week when I took them. I didn't think there would be a signficant difference in one week. I'm going to take them again in February just to see. I did the math so to hit 145 by July 10th that's 1.8lbs a week so doable. I tried to log in to figure my way around all the stuff on the site but it looks like more and more people are entering. This is totally awesome, I hope they tabulate the number of lbs lost as a nation at the end of this.

Speaking of doable - totally on plan for the 8th day in a row. The only thing left to do is floss.

I have to sometimes laugh at the plethora of weight loss related things in January. Today I walked into Walmart and their seasonal section was all weight loss related. I was half expecting Valentine's Day.

I tried the Kiehl's last night and so far pretty impressed but I'm going to give it a bit before I post a review. The weather has improved a great deal but it held up in wind really well. It looks up North is warming up to as it's supposed to be -6 to -12 next week - that means no long johns - yippee.

Hope your Saturday went well, later.


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Blossom said...

I didn't do the fitness test yet either...may try to do it tomorrow (set it up at home or something; I just don't have any weights). I joined your group on the boards!