Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sun, snow and plans are taking shape

Hello my friends, hope your Sunday is going well.

Slept in a bit today and got up at 9am.

I did do some yoga last night and got half an hour in. My right shoulder wasn't so happy during the whole thing. Probably about a month ago I woke up with a sore shoulder from sleeping funny and I now seem to not have quite the same flexibility as before. I'll need to work on that and more yoga should help. I didn't feel any soreness today so I'll keep going.

Today I finished my laundry, got the clothes together that I'm donating and washed the dishes. Then I talked myself into going for a walk as today was a cardio day. The forecast kept saying it would be -7 but everytime I checked it was closer to -16 with -20 windchill. A bit later on it warmed up so at about 12:40pm I headed outside. I figured I'd warm up as I went anyway. I left the Nike + at home as I wasn't concerned about speed. I did my 5K route in the hood and just tuned everything out. I love it when I'm in the zone with my Ipod just singing along in my head and not another thought pops up. So 50 minutes later I was back at my front door. Not my fastest 5K but then again I didn't care about speed my base layer shirt was soaked.

It was a nice walk with some added stability exercises trying to navigate snow packed sidewalks.

I've having a hard time getting the points in today as I slept late and had a pretty low point breakfast. My veggies/fruit have not been so good today yet either so when I finish this I'm going to make a Green Monster but supper might be cheese and crackers. I also have some leftover lasagna but I'm not sure I want a full meal later as I need to be in bed early tonight. My alarm will going off very early tomorrow as I head back to site. I've got 6pts to get rid of and that's not eating any activity points or flex points. Update: Solved by adding two packs of Activia and some agave nectar to the green monster.

I'm going to do some yoga again tonight and pop in the Namaste DVD this time. I'm definitely starting from scratch again as it feels like I lost all the flexibility from months of not doing any yoga.

I've got my strength workout written down for tomorrow. If I head back to camp around 4pm I should have the women's gym (a small room) to myself. So here is the plan for tomorrow:

Warm Up - 15min treadmill brisk walk

5 Rounds each of:
15 Sit ups
15 Push ups
15 Dumbell Squats with two 10lb weights
10 Dumbell Swings with one 10lb weight.

I pulled this from the workouts I did with the trainer way back when. This is from the very beginning also as I do consider myself starting this all from scratch.

In terms of my week of workouts this is what I've figured out so far.

Saturday: Cardio
Sunday: Yoga
Monday: Strength/ Yoga
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Strength/ Yoga
Thursday: Cardio/ Yoga
Friday: Cardio/ Yoga

So this Saturday I only had a wee bit of Cardio so that's why I did the 50min walk today. I might alternate Sunday/Saturday depending on what's going on. I would like yoga to be a part of my routine daily and plan do to 30min well closer to 22min if I do single episodes of the Namaste series, maybe a little longer on the weekends and as my flexibility improves. This is the plan for now and I'll plan the specifics as I go. I stopped using coloured dots in my daily journal as the ink messes up the next page so I switched to colour coded check marks instead. Saturday mornings I'll post the tally from the week before to check my progress.

I'm wondering if the X-Weighted site will crash next Saturday with all of us gung ho about this challenge.

Alright my friends not sure if I'll post while at site but I wish you all a fantastic week ahead.


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