Friday, January 01, 2010

It's not a resolution - it's a goal

Happy 2010 my friends,

Hope all your New Year's plans went how you planned. I wound up going to bed early as I was yawning like crazy by 9pm.

Today I've just puttered so far, doing laundry and reading Shape magazine. I have Fitness, Self and Women's Healthy yet to read. Everytime my friend's kid has a fundraising event with magazine subscriptions I take full advantage.

At one point last night I decided to go find my old weigh in books and then I stopped myself. I know what my original starting weight was but I don't need to re-visit that information as this is a fresh start. I did find a whack of journals that I've started in different periods of my life. All mentioned weight loss and then whatever else was going on in my life at the time. It's definitely time for that subject to be laid to rest. It has often been my "resolution" but now it must be more concrete than that and be a goal.

In 2009 I completed the HR Management Certificate, I got the CHRP designation and though I started my current job in 2008 I had my one year anniversary in November - and I still love it and more importantly in these economic times - I still have it. All of these were goals I achieved so now I transfer that energy to getting to goal weight. I realize it won't be easy but neither were any of the goals completed in 2009. I am pretty happy that I've never seen that original starting weight again.

I go back to WW meetings first thing in the morning tomorrow but I've tracked everything today. Why wait was my thinking. I won't stay for the new members part after the main meeting as I don't need it. I'm not a new member just a returning one.

I'm looking forward to it and I'm a wee bit nervous. I remember the first time I joined I had no idea what to expect. I know that it will be nothing but positivity but I'm determined this is the last time I have to "re-join" and that's where the bit of nervousness kicks in. So 2010 is dedicated to getting myself together.

I also sat down and tried to figure out a work out plan for myself. I can work in 3 cardio workouts, 2 strength workouts and 3 yoga workouts per week. The cardio/strength can be combined together and my yoga practice is home based so it's incredibly feasable now it just needs dedication. Cardio can be the gym, going outside or a workout dvd. Strength can be going to the gym or a dvd. I'm not considering yoga to be a workout so much but more as a wellness factor. Don't kid yourselves yoga can be a workout depending on what you do.

I'm going to test it out this week before I post more details. I want to work out any kinks.

All right my friends the focus of this blog is back to getting to goal as it was originally intended.

A toast to 2010 and may we all complete our goals.



Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Happy New Year!

Nancy said...

I am SO with you on starting over with WW fresh. All the best in 2010. I'm looking forward to following your success.