Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oy vey what a week this has been

My new 3 month tracker is now completely up to date and it did go into a ziploc bag on the trip to work this morning.

As I was watching Biggest Loser last night I was thinking how I'm not rooting for anyone. There are no personalities that appeal to me and I started wondering if people are now being picked for how heavy they are. This is the biggest cast they've had. Normally in the finale you some amazing transformations. I get the feeling the finale this round will only be the first step like it was for Shae.

I could not sleep last night, I tossed and turned forever. At one point I looked at my alarm and it was 1:30am - not a good time to get up. I finally did fall a sleep and woke up thinking I wonder what time it is now. It was the time I'd normally be standing at the bus stop. Aaack my alarm did not go off. I jumped out of bed and then forced myself to stop and think. I grabbed a glass of milk and took my vitamins. I grabbed a granola bar and tossed into my bag. Then I got dressed and called a cab.

Where a granola bar is not a fantastic breakfast I didn't want to run out the door and hit the food court for breakfast. I was in a super time crunch as I had a meeting first thing this morning as well. I did go to Opa for lunch with some work mates without knowing the points and was a wee surprised when I looked it up and it was a whopping 13pts. I didn't eat the entire thing but I'm counting it at the full points. The good news I had the room in my day due to my low point lunch. I will still finish today on track despite my not so great start to the day.

I did buy a new alarm clock on the way home as this morning's snafu has happened a few times now. One more day till weigh in - the first weigh in of the challenge as well.

I'm hanging in there.

Hope you are too :)



Enz said...

Keep hanging on :)

I'm the same with The Biggest Loser, no one is really jumping out at me personality wise and I haven't taken a shine to anyone either.

That red team has to go.....I can't stand them!

Kristina said...

You turned a not so great start to a day around! Good for you! I agree with you about BL...I havent found anyone that I relate to yet! Maybe once it really gets going!