Sunday, January 10, 2010


Alright I'm back. Meals are completed and safely stored in the freezer as individual servings. I had the Mac n'Cheeseburger Casserole for lunch (the round dish), it was yummy. The Chicken/Broccoli casserole looks pretty good and that will be lunch one day this week.

Got a 54min walk in just a wee over 5km. I had to stop and give someone directions which caused a wee delay. Dishes are washed and cab is booked for tomorrow morning, so now all I need to do is have supper, but my clothes away, pack and roll out the yoga mat.

I'm bringing my travel mat to site this week. I'm thinking I'll have to work later tomorrow as I've got loads to do but I'll bring the mat even if all I do is 20min of legs up the wall.

I'm totally on plan for Day 9 in row so far and I'm planning to repeat what I did last week at site.

I made mulitple attempts at a before photo and none turned out well, curious light angles (windows), only getting half of myself, a bit blurry. I'll probably try again next weekend.

Hopefully my camp room's internet connections works this week so I can post tomorrow (couldn't last week) but at any rate I'm sending you all positive vibes.

Take care of yourselves and I'll talk to you later.



Enz said...

Have a successful week..hope to hear from you but if not...looking forward to catching up next weekend.

Take care.

cmac said...

Tthe meals look great. If not too much trouble, any chance of posting the menu (or directing me to the site) for the brocolli and chicken casserole?

Stephanie said...

You sound very organized and all set for your journey. Safe travels!
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The Glitterati said...

9 days! Yeeeeeah!!