Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I did it, I really did it

Stayed OP at site anyway, if you're a frequent reader of my blog you know I have a difficult time eating at site with the daily french fries, desserts and all sorts of not so healthy options.

Well this time I did it, I didn't have any snacks on the plane out and when I got there Monday morning I had Special K for breakfast. I did have a lunch meeting and ventured into the main kitchen but I filled half my plate with veggies and had one scoop of beef ravioli. I got veggies to nibble on for the day. I never touched them, not once did I snack. They put a water cooler 4 feet behind my cubicle so water was totally on plan.

My workout didn't quite go according to plan. I was super tired but I changed my clothes and I went to the gym. I saw that it was dark so I walk in and turn on all the lights. Then I see that the tv is on and it's yoga. Then I notice the girl on the floor on her yoga mat doing Savasana. OMG did I feel bad so I quickly turned off the light above her head and then I just stood there. She was smack in front of the weights and the treadmill is noisy so I thought I could just wait her out. She then opened her eyes and told me to go ahead and do whatever I wanted as the noise didn't both her. So I hopped on to the closest thing, that was the treadmill and just started walking. My strength day turned into a cardio day. We did have a great discussion about the various styles of yoga. She was telling me the only workouts she really does is power yoga and her body was fantastic.

For dinner I dipped into the flex points but I haven't been eating any of the activity points I've been collecting and I still have 30 flexpoints left for the week.

I was telling this story to another co-worker and she said to me - why don't you do yoga on Mondays that would probably be better given that your up for 13 hours. Duh, I have a travel mat and there's enough room in my camp room to roll it out on the floor. I think I might try that next week so I might be revising my workout plan. I spoke to soon the other day when I said my shoulder wasn't sore, it's sore.

Next day had Special K for breakfast and packed my lunch in the "to go" kitchen. So I put together a chef salad - vegg plus an egg plus some cheese. I had an apple as an afternoon snack. I did have snacks on the plane home as I knew we'd be delayed so I had a granola bar and a bottle of water. I got home shovelled my sidewalk (workout for today) and had a bowl of cereal for supper. I still have 2 pts remaining but I honestly don't feel like eating anything as I want to go to bed soon.

I've tracked everything for the past 4 days so I'm at the midpoint of this week. If I can stay on track I should have a pretty fantastic first weigh in on Saturday. I'm planning out tomorrow and the gym bag is coming. I'm not to keen on weights with my sore shoulder so I might just stick to cardio and yoga this week.

4 sleeps until the x-weighted challenge and I was trying to think of a fitness goal over the last few days.

Saturday I find out more about this Momentum challenge that my leader briefly mentioned last Saturday.

All right my friends I'm going to continue to ride the positive wave I'm on.



H-woman said...

Whoo hoo!

H =)

Enz said...

Congrats on your success so far this week, you're right, just keep riding the wave :)

The Glitterati said...

Whoo hoo! Always nice to start off the new year by kicking some butt! :) Way to go!