Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Start

Alas I almost forgot why I was waking up to an alarm this morning and then I remembered - ah yes 1st meeting.

I would normally walk the 14 blocks to the meeting but this morning it was dark, -20 windchill and sketchy sidewalks so I took the bus. I decided to take the one that would get me to the mall at 8am so I could swing by Starbucks and then to sign up. I was thinking get there early as I'm sure it will be crazy.

Well I was early alright in fact had to wait outside for about 10min. Signed up pretty quickly as doing it online ahead of time totally saves time. Weighed in at 196.2 not sure if that's a Christmas gain or the fact that I was wearing more clothes than my traditional bathroom scale weigh in. Rediscovered my weigh in uniform (sweatpants and a t-shirt) which will now be worn every single weigh in to keep that consistent.

The leader Clare actually remembered me and gave me a bravo sticker for returning to meetings. Slightly embarrassing as that happened in front of the group but also heart warming at the same time. Two other women got bravo stickers because when they walked in they were saying they did not want to step on the scale. Recognized a number of faces and the group was not so big. Normally this meeting is full and there maybe 12 of us there. Then I found out that next week starts the no fee registration fee deal for in person paying. The deal I got was online registration. So it's important to be early next week to get a decent seat.

I did walk home though so kudos to me for that.

Of course the meeting topic was resolutions and Clare posted 4 things on the board:

1. To eat smarter I resolve to:
2. To move more I resolve to:
3. To make the most of my meetings I resolve to:
4. To build helpful habits I resolve to:

We discussed making specific, realistic, attainable goals so my commitment to the above is:

1. Track everything for the next 3 months and eat cleaner
2. Plan my workouts ahead of time and actually use my gym membership
3. Go to the meeting, ask questions when it hits and not hope someone else asks it instead
4. Manage my thoughts as they become my actions.

Someone said "Fail to plan, plan to fail" and that struck a chord with me.

I did pick up a memory card and while I can't always take pictures of what I eat (no camera rule at site) I can take pictures of my tracker in my room at site which I may do as an extra step of accountability to keep on track there as I go back Monday.

The pictures above are my plan to stay on track:
The daily journal with the dots - track behaviour and consistency of good behaviours
The paper clips - for my pounds lost visual paper clip chain to put on fridge
The pencil case - to house my 3 month tracker, workout book and journal so it's not destroyed in my luggage
The stickers - are for the wall calendar I used to track activity there and I may do so again or may use them in my journal for stellar achievements like hitting all my goals in a week.
The Red floral-ish coil notebook - this is the workout book so when I get to the gym I have something small that will help me remember what I was going to do as I'll be planning that ahead.
The blue coil notebook - this is my meeting notebook, I write the recipes or some other tidbit of info from the meeting.
The 3 month tracker - which will be my best friend from now on.

In terms of a goal weight I have no clue I know I said before 146 because that's what I need to stop paying. As I've never been skinny I have no clue what to put, I'm curious what the X-Weighted guidance will be on a a goal for 6 months and I'll probably work from that.

As far as today goes I've very on track for OP day and so far I have 30min of walking under my belt. My plan for this evening is a nice yoga practice. I've neglected this and I need it. Oh and I need to take my measurements. When I first joined WW I didn't do this and always regreted it.

Alright that's all I got for today but tomorrow I'll post my workout plan for this week.

Hope your Saturday is fabulous.


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