Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday - not exactly

I had an unplanned 2.5 hour nap yesterday, right after lunch I felt a little zonked so thought I'd lay down. Yeah, that kind of killed all my chore plans for yesterday so that's now all been moved to today. Apparently I needed the rest.

So on top of house cleaning, laundry and making a packing list for my trip I also want to head outside for a walk as it should be about zero celsius at 1pm plus I want to try the new yoga DVD I got from Lululemon. It's called "power yoga for happiness 2 with Eoin Finn - surf edition". This is the dvd I walked in on when I was at site that week and thought the gym was empty till I saw the girl on the floor. I'm not a surfer but the blurb on the back of the dvd also says it's good for "landlubbers".

I watched the last 10 min of it as she was on the floor and I was on the treadmill. The ocean was in the background and that's one thing I'd love to do one day - yoga on the beach. It's 2 Dvds with 6.5 hours of yoga with one long routine broken into 7 routines ranging from 85min (full routine) to 34min. Apparently also good for all levels as well. I also enjoy that the instructor is Canadian or maybe just lives in Canada.

Since I've been back to meetings I haven't really been using much of the 35 flexpoints, the max so far was 6 in one week. I've always believed they are there to be eaten but now I'm a little scared to go there. I know that's stupid as I had great losses before when I used them. I'm debating to I use them on purpose or use them for emergencies..have to give that a think.

Alright I better get laundry started, might be back later but if not have a fabulous Sunday.


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