Thursday, January 07, 2010

Kidnapped by aliens?

Day 6 and still completely on plan, I'm starting to think I was kidnapped by aliens and had some sort of mind meddling. Typically by today I'd be out of flexpoints, probably over points for the day and now planning a super low Friday.

I've been on plan for 6 days in a row, I still have 30 flex points and no plans to use them as it's too close to weigh in. Plus today I had issues which would normally give me justification to sabotage myself. This morning my bus never showed up resulting in me having to take a cab to work. I had a pretty busy day with a conference call that made no sense. The gym bag made it to work today and I hit the treadmill for 45min after work.

I forgot my tracker at home with my pre-planned day which had me worried for a second. I've taken that thing with me everywhere this week and put it on my desk open to the days page. I didn't stray from the plan at all.

Got home, had dinner and then a lovely bath with the Body Shop's coconut bubble bath and now I'm good until bed time.

My true test will be when snackapalooza hormone fueled week hits. It looks like I might be in Edmonton that week for work which adds a challenge. I've already been thinking that the hotel will most likely have a gym.

I don't if I told you all about the $250 dollar bonus I got this summer for all the work I put in. I was allowed to expense something worth $250 and at first I depated something practical like grocery gift cards but then I settled on a lululemon gift card. That's part of my goal. I don't want to use it now I want to go in their fitter and show off my hard work.

Speaking of Lulu, I checked out the website yesterday and discovered they carry the yoga dvd that I interrupted at site on Monday. I ordered it as I like the style and it reminded me a bit of the Namaste series.

Tomorrow I'll come home after work and do yoga, first I need to stop off at Kiehl's and investigate some skin care options. The cold weather is drying me out like crazy and what I have is sufficient for Calgary but not for Northern Alberta. I normally use Origins or Body Shop and I'm finding just not quite moisturzing enough. Kiehl's has a line specifically for cold weather and apparently a trial kit.

2 sleeps till the x-weighted challenge....are you getting excited?

Hope you all had a fantastic day!


Enz said...

You are so motivating for me with your successful days. Congrats on sticking to it.

X-weighted here I come - nervous, Hell yes!!

H-woman said...

Lemme know what you think of the Kiehl's....

H =)

The Glitterati said...

No aliens, just your awesomeness coming through! It's all you! :) Very interested to hear how the Kiehl's stuff works, I think my skin is still trying to recover from my visit. :P